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Alison Groenheide, 2000

Brian Lubbers

Rex Van Koevering, 8 Point, 2000

Tim Schuiling 20lb brown trout

Dave Decker, 10 Point, 168lbs, 2003

Jon Van Dyke, 5 and 8 Point Bucks

John's Doe, 170lb

2nd Place - Wojoe - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Matt DeGraaf, 7b Point 115lb

Gord VanderYacht, 125lb, 6 Point

Matt Carini First Brown trip 2009

Dennis Tromley, 8 Point, 175lb

Whitetail Buck in velvet

Local Deer Slayer, Aaron Slagh, Gets Monster White Tail

Nice Catch! 2001

Aaron Slagh 2002

Justin Schuiling and Matt Heuvel-- WHITEFISH!

Spanky, 155lb 8 Point

Brian Augustin, Turkey

2 1/2lb 15 3/8in Black Crappie

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