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Chris Boyce 10 point 205 lb 15.75 inches wide 2001

Pretty river fish!!

Harlan Berens and Tim Schuiling

Skip and Derek Berry 25lb 11oz king salmon

Rex Van Koevering, 8 Point, 2000

Brian 11 point 20 inch spread 167 lbs 2003

Bill Phelps, 10 Point, 175lb

Rod Morse, 8 Point 165lb

Mark DeGraaf, 8 Point 175lbs

Beautiful Brown Trout, Jeff Hemmeke

Kelly Bowerman

Don Clavette, 7 Point

Andrew Laurence, 8 Point 125lb, 2006

Denny Trombley, 5 Point, 2000

Aaron Lower

Mark DeGraaf, Two 8 Point Bucks

4th Place - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Nacho Macilla, 40in 17lb Pike

2 1/2lb 15 3/8in Black Crappie

Connor Brink, 10 Point

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