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Nice Buck !!!

Connor Brink, 10 Point

Chase Turkstra Hen Turkey with an 8 inch beard!! 12lbs

Jason Guerrin with a nice 5x5 Colorado archery bull

Jeff Kreun 21.25 lbs 9.5 inch beard 2001

tournament 2010

Josh Lubbers, 2003

Alison Groenheide, 2000

Don Linton 10inch beard 20lb 2002

RJ Dick

Tournament Winners

Tim Schuiling- 32inches

Four massive King Salmon

Rich Temperle 125lb 5 point


RJ Dick

Justin Schuiling spring Turkey 2011

Shane Johnson 250lbs Black Bear

Ali and Jacob 19lb King Salmon, 2003

Leaderboards - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

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