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Brian 11 point 20 inch spread 167 lbs 2003

Matt Carini with a Nice Bluegill

Kurt Smith, 175lb 9 Point

RJ Dick

tournament 2010

Alison Groenheide, 2000

Eddie Sou 4 point

Denny Trombley, 5 Point, 2000

Nice Buck !!!

Kelly Bowerman 2002

Brendan Saldivar

Spanky, 155lb 8 Point

Nacho Macilla, 40in 17lb Pike

Rod Morse, 8 Point 165lb

Josh Steketee, 22lb, 11in Beard

Bill Phelps, 10 Point, 175lb

Very nice 35lb 2oz King Salmon caught out of Port Sheldon

650lbs field dressed 47inch spread 12 inch beam at base

Jamie VanLiere, 8 Point, 125lb

6th Place - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

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