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Chris Boyce 10 point 205 lb 15.75 inches wide 2001

Tim Schuiling 20lb brown trout

Kelly Bowerman 2002

RJ Dick

Tim and Dustin Schuiling

Brandon Slagh, 8 Point White Tail Buck

Josh Lubbers, 2003

Dennis DeWeerd, 10 Point, 162lbs

Josh Durfee, Rabbit River Steelhead

RJ Dick Cackler

2010 tournament plaques

Travis Carini, Canadian Geese

RJ Dick

2010 3rd place!


Marcus Dewitt 18.25 lbs 34.5 inches March 2003

Matt DeGraaf, 125lb, 7 Point

Harlan Berens and Tim Schuiling

Dave Bos 6point 125lb

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