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Travis Carini with his first ever Colorado river Cut-throat!

Derrick Dreyer 14yo 3lb 17 in

RJ Dick

Chris Boyce 10 point 205 lb 15.75 inches wide 2001

Brandon Slagh, 8 Point White Tail Buck

Nice Yellow Belly

Matt DeGraaf, 125lb, 7 Point

WALLY Reister- Nice 13lb brown trout!!!

Gord VanderYacht, 125lb, 6 Point

tournament 2010

Matt Timmer 11pt 160lb 2005

Jake Doornewerd 14in Lake Perch

Charlie Price, 155lb 10 Point, 2000

Matt Carini First Brown trip 2009

Terry Ankelen, 2000

Great day on the lake, 11 fish

Tent - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Mr Wassink with a very large Northern Pike

Matt Timmer

Matt DeGraaf & Aaron Slagh, 27in 8 1/2lb Brown Trout

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